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How did convicts impact australia
Gold Mining At Mount Alexander
The Convicts' Colony
Lithograph drawing of a group of men standing and lined up in various attire in 1830
Convict ...
Convicts and the Colonisation of Australia, 1788-1868
Being Coerced
These images of early Sydney show an infant settlement huddled around the sandy shores of Sydney Cove, with cottages and gardens scattered between rocks and ...
Why were convicts transported to Australia?
Debauchery on the fatal shore: the sex lives of Australia's convicts
convicts and Asians
Illustration no 232: 'The carpenter's shop', from 'Illustrations of useful arts, manufactures, and trades' by Charles Tomlinson, Society for Promoting ...
These images of early Sydney show an infant settlement huddled around the sandy shores of Sydney Cove, with cottages and gardens scattered between rocks and ...
A global history of convicts and penal colonies
The Founding of Australia. By Capt. Arthur Phillip R.N. Sydney Cove, Jan. 26th 1788, a 1937 oil sketch by Algernon Talmage. Picture: State Library of NSW.
Impact of European settlement on Aboriginal Tasmanians
How did colonial authority view and control activities between convicts and Aboriginals in Australia during the
The convict establishment at Premaydena (WL Crowther Library, SLT)
What we can learn about fighting inequality from Australia's convict past
Model showing convicts in the courtyard of the barracks
New resource traces lives of British convicts transported to Australia
Transporting Convicts: The Impact of the American Revolution on the Pacific – Age of Revolutions
Top Five Famous Convicts transported to Australia
The story of Australia's last convicts
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Contracts and convicts: how perverse incentives created the death fleet
Portrait of convicts in New Holland
convicts in a prison ship
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Chain Gang, Australia
A convict being flogged in Van Diemen's Land (AOT, PH30/1/2720B)
Illustration no 195: 'Masons at work', from 'Illustrations of useful arts, manufactures, and trades' by Charles Tomlinson, Society for Promoting Christian ...
Convict transportation
Potato stealing and pig theft: The stories of Irish convicts sent to Australia now available online
Offence ...
Female convicts
Convict Life
Locomotive No. 1 in Sydney yard 1981
The Australian native police was a British unit of Aboriginal troopers that was largely responsible for the 'dispersal' of Aboriginal tribes in eastern ...
The Economic Impact of Convict Transportation on the WA Economy 1850-1900: An Archaeological Investigation
1804: Convict uprising known as the Castle Hill Rebellion (or the Battle of Vinegar
Massacres of Aboriginal people have been mapped in Australia. Source: University of Newcastle.
Tudors in America: how England's New World colonies came into being
A steam engine with a large flywheel on display in the Powerhouse Museum
This is the uniform a convict was made to wear as a form of public humiliation.
Watch Uncle Graham Paulson talk about how colonisation has affected him personally.
Starboard side representation of the brig sloop HMS Pelorus, which was based at Sydney from 1838 to 1839.
A century after governments wished to erase the convict past, their place in Australian history was being celebrated in programs such as The Colony on SBS.
Industrial Revolution & Convict Transport
Convicts at Botany Bay
The convict system may have ended with the arrival of the final convicts on the Hougoumont and the disbandment of Australia's penal settlements, ...
First Fleet Fellowship Victoria Inc
Australian Aborigines Slaughtered by Convicts, by Phiz, The Book of Remarkable Trials, 1840
Captain James Cook. Portrait by Nathaniel Dance-Holland
Old document with text and coat of arms at top titled Ticket of Leave for a
convict labourDepiction of convict labourers in Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia, in 1836, from Albums of Photographs of Tasmania, 1820–1860 by J.W. Beattie ...
From bats and brawls to new links between colonies: the origins of Australian cricket
Pardon and Punishment
The whaling station and hotel on what is now Ngatitoa Domain in Mana. Many former
Discover how 'Defining Moments' in Australia's history (as presented by the National Museum of Australia) have impacted upon your own family history.
Perry McIntyre, 'Free Passage: Convict Family Reunion in Australia 1788-1852'
A lithograph shows houses and buildings in colonial Hobart, 1856.
Explain the impact European exploration and colonization had on Australia.
Convict era of Western Australia
Notorious Fremantle Prison to mark contribution of all transported convicts to the building of Western Australia – including Irish.
Fremantle Harbour in 1899. Nixon & Merrilees via Wikipedia
Black and white photograph of posed workers in a paddock working around machinery. The boss
Music and dance made convict life more bearable
Mary Bryant was the only female convict to escape Australia
First Fleet Entering Sydney Cove. "
Digging and bagging potatoes', the Warrnambool potato harvest 1881 from the 'Illustrated Australian. '
VDL Founders and Survivors Convicts 1802-1853
History unit The Australian Colonies Stage 3 Duration: (10 ... Pages 1 - 5 - Text Version | AnyFlip
Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property
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South Australia, It's Time To Accept The Fact That You Had Convicts
Convicts, colonisation and impact on Aboriginal people
The Voyage, an online game exploring the convict experience. Image: ANMM.
Australian History Lesson: Migration and Settlement in Australia