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... Die Antwoord with District 9 Claws | by gussifer | thecolorawesome.com
Die Antwoord Starring as Themselves in District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp's New Sci-Fi Movie
Die Antwoord To Star In 'Chappie' - The New Film From District 9 Director - Magnetic Magazine
Crew leader Ninja tells all about his latest warped vision. Plus: What's next for the South African rave-rappers, including a film with Harmony Korine
Stylized Antelope in South African fashion Sticker
... Chappie, from South African director Neill Blomkamp – who gave the world District 9 and Elysium. The film wrapped filming in Jozi earlier this year.
Ninja, Die Antwoord, photo by Kris Krüg
Chappie Die Antwoord, Esperanza Spalding, Yolandi Visser, Neill Blomkamp, Amy Winehouse,
March 2015 Die Antwoord
Stylized Antelope in South African fashion Baseball T-Shirt
Watch: Chappie, a robot movie with District 9, Die Antwoord on mix
“I have consciousness. I am alive. I am Chappie,” says Chappie, echoing the sentiments of Short Circuit's Johnny 5 before him. The new film is directed by ...
Amazon.com: South African Cult Sci-Fi Hits - Chappie & District 9 (2-DVD Bundle) Neil Blomkamp Die Antwoord: Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman, Sharlto Copley, ...
Die Antwoord. Die Antwoord. District 9 ...
Die Antwoord To Star In 'Chappie' - The New Film From District 9 Director
Yo-landi Visser ...
sneak peek at our boingboing interview with ninja of dieantwoord about chappie d9 district 9 neillblomkamp
This looks so awesome, the actors, the story plus Die Antwoord.
The new film from “District 9” director Neill Blomkamp that especially attracted attention – or rather, curiosity – over its use of Die Antwoord's ...
05 Sep 2012 by Jasmine Stone in Celebrities, Die Antwoord, Entertainment, Music
Sharlto Copley in 'District 9'
die antwoord rat symbol, Google Search, Zef so fre$h .
ETA: Here's the link to the book:
Die Antwoord's zef rappers Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er known for their shocking music videos and controversial public appearances are now making waves on ...
Die Antwoord bring the zef to London in July
Just in case it wasn't known, Chappie is directed by the man who did District 9, Neill Blomkamp. Sure, he also did Elysium which was entertaining, ...
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The trailer for District 9 director Neill Blomkamp's new movie, Chappie, is finally here and it's surprisingly touching.
Johnaton Kassel, Our Mandela of Die Antwoord, 2013
Elysium Poster.jpg
Ninja Picture
Chappie poster.jpg
Watch the trailer for 'District 9' director's next sci-fi film 'Chappie'
The band, Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for “The Answer”) has been making a lot of noise out of their trailers in the slums of South Africa recently; ...
Yo-landi Visser
TShirtGifter presents: Pitbull Cultist - Die Antwoord | Women's T-Shirt
South African group Die Antwoord
Download Festival | 5 Freeky Facts About Die Antwoord - Download Festival
360,000 hits on new Die Antwoord video 'Dis iz why I'm hot'
Short Circuit, Die Antwoord, Robocop and apartheid: The influences behind Chappie
Die Antwoord – Part Two
Die Antwoord performs at the Treasure Island Music Festival. Photo credit Demian Becerra
Stylized Antelope in South African fashion Pillow
District 9 Art by @noelguard808 via @wikus_vandemerwe 🖤🎨🖤 #artwork #artistic
Chappie Is Not a Movie, but a Long and Bad Music Video for Die Antwoord
Die Antwoord x Roger Ballen—Surreal, Intriguing, Powerful and Disturbing
Eminem and Die Antwoord's Ninja both turned down lead in sci-fi film
Die Antwoord members to co-star in 2015 'Chappie'
Yolandi and Die Antwoord back from DISTRICT 9 with new video titled UGLY BOY - prepare
Die Antwoord
Die Antwoord
Long live Die Antwoord
ETA: And yes, I have the patches:
Expert Review Chappie
Die antwoord socks! Never worn!- 0
Stylized Antelope in South African fashion T-Shirt
Die Antwoord's New 'Suck On This' Mixtape ...
Rounding out the cast are a mullet-sporting Hugh Jackman, who is afraid of what artificial intelligence might lead to, and Dev Patel, as the brilliant ...
... Special Glow In The Dark Slip Cover) & Blomkamp 3 - Elysium/ District 9/ Chappie (4 Feature Film DVD Bundle) Neil Blomkamp Die Antwoord Matt Damon
Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja (Explicit Version) Video
After making a huge splash with the sci-fi flick District 9 in 2009, he got the go-ahead from Sony to make the futuristic common ...
After failing to launch an ambitious big screen adaptation of videogame sensation "Halo," South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp unleashed "District 9," a ...
Die Antwoord To Star As Themselves In 'District 9' Director's New Film
Die Antwoord duo to star in District 9 director's new comedy
[Review] 'Chappie' Is a Formulaic Crowdpleaser Crippled by Die Antwoord
I have found some cool Die Antwoord Remixes, so check it out!
South African cinema does it again with 'Chappie': Neill Blomkamp's newest creation featuring
6 Thoughts & Questions We Had After Seeing 'Chappie'
Hugh Jackman Signs On To Fight Die Antwoord In 'Chappie'
The scales of his career are equally balanced between District 9, a colourful and intelligent sci-fi jaunt, and Elysium, ...
Local zef rap legends Yo-landi Vi$$er and Ninja have tattooed the initials of District 9, the film from South African director Neil Blomkamp, to the inside ...
Hugh Jackman And Die Antwoord Are Starring In A Movie About A South African Robot
File photo of Die Antwoord
Die Antwoord
Sharlto Copley has all the makings of a sentient robobot
The 15 Best Robot Movies of All Time
Die Antwoord release their new video, and feature in Neil Blomkamp's new trailer
Why 'Robocop' and Neill Blomkamp Need Each Other
Chappie Movie Original Print Pop Art Die Antwoord District 9