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Detention game scary
Detention Part 1 | Horror Game Let's Play | PC Gameplay Walkthrough - YouTube
Detention (PC) - a different kind of horror
DETENTION Gameplay Demo | I CAN'T BREATHE WITH THIS GAME! (Detention Taiwanese Horror Game) PART 1 - YouTube
Detention is a relatively short game, it only took me about 4 hours to complete. I played both the Switch and Steam versions of this game, and I have to say ...
Detention Review - Screenshot 1 of 4
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Detention (PC) - red candle are clearly a developer to watch
Red Candle Games
I just finished Detention. Holy fuck. It's one of the best horror games i've ever played. The 2D Silent Hill title I never knew I wanted.
Taiwan indie horror game Detention
screenshot of "the blood sank into the marks..." from Detention video
Some of the most unsettling horror games of the last few years have been based on Asian folklore, from the Taiwanese-set Detention, ...
Devotion horror game trailer
DETENTION Gameplay Demo | HERE WE GO AGAIN! (Detention Taiwanese Horror Game) PART 2 - YouTube
Eyemobi Ltd. (Joe Chang, Елена Ярошенко, Jeffrey Chilberto, Kit Chan, David Cummins) put out a total nightmare circus of first-person horror action that ...
Detention Review
Even the Bleakest Horror Games End More Hopefully than 'Detention' Does. '
I took a lot of screenshots while playing Devotion. | Caty McCarthy/USG, Red Candle Games
Psychological horror game Detention revisits 1960s Taiwan
Red Candle Games: Devotion review
Detention - Jumpscares, Creepy Moments & Deaths (Taiwanese Horror Game 2017) (No Commentary)
Detention Review (Switch eShop)
With animations that showcase weird jerks and odd movement, this really only gives it a further creepy look.
First, let's focus on the story. I'm going to try to not spoil the story as much as possible. The setting is 1960's Martial Law Taiwan.
Detention-PLAZA - Adventure Game
A tall spirit with a lantern looms over Ray as she walks the abandoned halls of Greenwood High School.
outlast, horror games switch
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Wot I Think: Detention. Smart, historical horror
The dark world of the imagination, powered by guilt and sorrow, is a strange and scary place to find yourself. But, in Detention by the Taiwanese indie ...
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[Review] 'Devotion' is a Masterful Slice of Taiwanese Horror
I just finished "Detention" on the Switch, and it's gotta be one of
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While the story is a complex, emotionally draining thing, the gameplay itself is fairly simple. It plays out across a 2D plane, and sees you navigate the ...
Is that… giggling? Though Detention's horror ...
Nintendo Switch Horror Games
20170112210606_1. Detention ...
When you see bright red things in a dimly lit horror game, you know what to do. (Picture: Red Candle Games)
... #Detention is now on @humble bundle's "Humble Spooky Horror Bundle." Check out all the 9 spooky games at https://goo.gl/zRtsXX Note: The bundle sales ...
taiwanese horror game "返校 - Detention" is out on Steam Now!
Detention Part 1 - Walkthrough Gameplay (No Commentary Playthrough) ( Detention 返校 Horror Game 2017)
Detention Walkthrough
Overall, Detention is a very solid game. The atmosphere compliments the story perfectly for a memorable experience. The game runs smooth, ...
Detention by Julian9x.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
Aside from exploration and monster evasion, Detention's main gameplay mechanics revolve around classic adventure game puzzle solving.
Everytime you turn around during this section, these mannequins start moving closer depending on your progress. It freaked me out, man.
10 Creepy Pixel Horror Games on Android
AntiNuLL's Horror Game Marathon Day 2 - Detention http://twitch.tv/antinull Starting late due to a massive headache, lets see how far I get #horror #spoopy ...
Ray's Bedroom - Detention (2017)
Taiwanese horror game Devotion found itself caught up in controversy over the last week.
Detention Review - Screenshot 2 of 4
Detention ALL ENDINGS - Good Ending & Bad Ending (Detention 返校 Horror Game 2017) - YouTube
Possum Springs isn't the thriving mining town that it once was, and, lending an air of mystery to the adventure, strange things are happening at night.
Like Horror and Mystery In Your RPG? Try These Four Other Roleplaying Games
RE7 family - Ted Hentschke's Best Horror Games of 2017
The architectural drama of Devotion's apartment sets up the framework for the inner workings of the game's family, each of which has experienced a kind of ...
Best Horror Games for Nintendo Switch in 2019
Detention YOU GO?! |Scary Alerts | $6.66/ 666 Bits Alerts?!
Home Sweet Home thai steam game banner
Detention Review
Detention indie game
Few games so effectively trifle with expectations as Detention, one of the finest horror games in years. It's game in which a pile of decrepit, ...
... English translation that makes for better reading than many game's originally written in English; a few insignificant typos aside, Detention is spot on.
You have to help whoever is on the other side of that door. No matter the consequences.
Illustration for article titled Popular Horror Game Removed From Steam After Chinese Players Say It Insults
Latest Humble Bundle Offers A Bunch of Scary Games For a Not-So-Scary Price
We'd blame this skittishness on playing too many scary games on our Switch, because like everyone else, we love being ...
The game received these reviews in the days of the controversy, but had 'Mostly Positive' reviews beforehand.
... with the game dropping like a stone off the sales charts and going from 95% positive reviews to just 39%. The reason why? This in-game poster here:
Top Upcoming Horror Video Games Of 2019
If you are afraid of creepy dolls then this room must be a nightmare factory.