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Cargo bike magazine
Back to our photoshoot: We had longtail bikes on site as well, of course, but that's a different breed – and not quite suited to join this comparison.
NOTE: The floor doesn't extend below and under the seat, as on the other bikes. The cargo room is 70 cm long, measured from door to back wall.
DOUZE 60 (above): Cargo box floor 58 cm long – seat bench 47 cm wide. The Douze is also available in a longer 80 cm version. Max cargo load: Listed as 200 ...
You can check out some of my daily commercial work at geiranders.com. The Cargobike Magazine is a 100% independent mag – written just because I love it.
TARGET GROUP: Have a look at this picture, and try NOT to think «cargo bike» when you see it. Try instead to think «practical everyday bike with a nice ...
How much cargobike do you need? Among the most common questions I get, is this one: Will cargobike X have enough room for two kids aged Y and Z?
jebiga-design-magazine · Messenger V2 Cargo Bike ...
Review: Riese & Müller Load
Max cargo load: Llisted as 200 kilo total (including rider). See my previous story on the Packster here.
RIESE & MÜLLER PACKSTER 60 (above): Cargo box floor 60 cm long (54 if you measure with the backrest installed, like here) – seat bench 67 cm wide (in the ...
Having a bike nowadays is probably the best thing can happen to you in terms of personal urban transportation. You can travel more free and with ease if you ...
The Douze is also available in a longer 80 cm version. Max cargo load: Listed as 200 kilo total (including rider). See my previous story on the Douze here.
Bogbi: Historien om en lastesykkel – Cargobike Magazine
A sexy cargo bike.
Messenger V2 Cargo Bike by Douze-Cycles
Cargo Bike How to and best advice
The people of Low Tech Magazine visited the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen and wrote a interesting article on Modular Cargo Cycles.
PEDALPOWER E-HARRY CARGO BROSE (above): Cargo floor 82 cm long – seat bench 47 cm wide. Max cargo load: 100 kilo + rider
Cargo cycle electric assist in germany
Momentum Magazine momentummag long john cargobike cargo bike bakfiets retrofiet
international cargo bike festival 2016 nijmegen, the netherlands 16 & 17 april 2016
Note: The bike in the picture has a baby seat adapter installed. Max cargo load: 80 kilo + rider. See my previous story on the Babboe Carve here.
WIRED Magazine review – May 25, ...
Cargo Bikes: A Complete Guide for the USA and Canada
Cargobike Cargo bike Family Car urban arrow long john
Eric, the operator, poses with Bike Share's new front-end loading cargo bike .
Five Cargo Bikes for City Dwellers
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... Momentum Mag Reviews 10 Cargo Bikes
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cargo bike
Sign ...
KiBiSi launches cargo bike for urban commuters
Happiness is a DIY Cargo Bike
Kustomized Bicycle Magazine Featured Builders - Kustomized Bicycle Magazine Cargo Trailers, Bike Trailer, Bicycle
Mixing features of a city bike and a cargo bike, the PEK Beijing super sizes the traditional wicker baskets, swapping them for a heavy-duty front carrier ...
Bikeeu News, Knowledge en career
The bike that almost made Tom sell his van — Riese & Müller e-cargo bike
reticulated with cargo
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The renaissance of the cargo bike #1: Why are these bikes booming? A calibration of the trend
Again, a cycling innovation from Germany: the city bike turned cargo bike
A woman transports children in The Hague, NetherlandsJasper Juinen / Getty
Talk to me about cargo bikes.
The Kona Ute Makes Bycling Magazine's “15 Best Cargo Bikes for Ditching Your Minivan”
how to carry cargo on a bicycle
Urban Arrow's Shorty cargo bike
The ultimate German engineered E-Cargo bike
Cycle magazine, front cover Dec 2018
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The Rolls Royce of cargo bikes
Cargobike DLR Cargo Bike Berlin Long John Bike Citizens Car
Messenger V2 Cargo Bike by Douze-Cycles
This brand-new electric cargo bike from Riese & Müller comes 6% more outer length, but 50% more cargo space—with the same agility and maneuverability.
RIPPL #050: Trouble in paradise: the cargo bike comes to the rescue in Groningen, “The World's Cycling City”
Wike featured in Pedal Magazine - March 13, 2015
Magazines and Mails Delivery Three Wheel Denmark Electric Trike Cargo Bike for Sale
Modulaire vrachtfiets zwart wit N55
Cargo Bike Short
Thanks to Melbourne's @Treadlie Magazine for covering our 4th annual Cargo Bike Championship! ...
Bespoke E-Bikes Brompton electric bike image copyright Peter Eland/Electric Bike Magazine
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Short history of the cargo bike
Treadlie Magazine
E-cargo Bikes Get Official Backing in UK; Start of True Electric 'Last Mile' Delivery?
Max cargo load: Listed as 180 kilo total (including rider). See my previous story on the eBullitt here.
In Budapest ...
The Omnium: 'the fastest Cargo bike in the world'
Riese & Müller e-cargo Multicharger Vario
... Supermarche Front Loader Cargo Bike ...
Yuba Mundo v4
Bike Friday Haul-a-Day Review
Carpenter riding a cargo cycle in copenhagen
... cargo bike. It might actually fit on a train (not sure how you'd hang it from the ceiling) or in a car (should you ever need to) a shed, house or flat
From a collaboration between Portland handmade bike builders Signal Cycles and design firm Ziba comes The Fremont, a cargo bike whose sidecar folds ...
Bespoke E-Bikes Brompton electric bike image copyright Peter Eland/Electric Bike Magazine
... a letter about solar electric cargo bikes that I had written to the editor of Home Power magazine was published:
Shawn and his cargo bike