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Bellino the ox
All the other big cows you should know about, inspired by Knickers the Australian steer
Chianina - The Largest Cattle
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Knickers the cow: Is Knickers the cow bigger than Bellino the cow?
How big is Knickers the cow
Illustration for article titled You Think Knickers is Big, But Look at This Ever-
Is the 'Big Cow' All an Illusion? Why Knickers Isn't as Giant as He Seems
Knickers the Giant Cow Is Getting Agitated at All This Worldwide Attention
Knickers the cow: Is Knickers the cow bigger than Bellino the cow? | Nature | News | Express.co.uk
In other moos: Australia's biggest cow avoids abattoir
Knickers has earned himself a number of fans online, but are people taking the story
Holy Cow! Massive bovine towers over others
Australia's largest cow weighs more than 1.4 tonne
Knickers the cow:
Giant Knickers is more than twice the size of the other cows on the farm
Yes, Knickers the steer is really, really big. But he's far short of true genetic freak status
World's biggest cow Knickers with owner Geoff Pearson
Cow called Knickers is 6ft 4ins and weighs 220st in Australia - Daily Star
Italy claims world's biggest bulls, nixes Down Under challenge
If the Big Cow is a lie then to hell with the truth
This giant cow 'Knickers' is as tall as Michael Jordan and weighs more than a car
WATCH - Meet the world's even bigger steer
Knickers towers over the other cattle at the Lake Preston farm. | Photo by ABC South West: Jacqueline Lynch
Knickers would produce more than 635kg of beef, 450 steak cuts and more than 370kg
Holy cow! 'Knickers', a giant steer, was saved from the abattoir because of his size
Extra Large Cow's Size Helps It Escape Slaughter
I also regret to inform you that Knickers is not enjoying his newfound fame.
Knickers the steer, one of the world's biggest steers, avoids the abattoir thanks to his size - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The Charlois bull, named Barnsford Ferny, weighs the same as an adult hippopotamus
Gigantic Steer Named 'Knickers' Who's Almost As Tall As Michael Jordan Goes Viral—And Holy Cow ?
Seven Australia
Breed description[edit]
Knickers (pictured far left) is a seven-year-old Holstein Friesian
Chianina Ox Bellino
Knickers the Giant Cow Is Getting Agitated at All This Worldwide Attention
Danniel is 6ft 4in tall
A cow the size of Michael Jordan
Knickers the Giant Steer saved by his size from the abattoir « Why Evolution Is True
Chianina ox Val di Chiana Tuscany
Geoff Pearson, the owner, said he tried to auction Knickers in October, but meat processors said they couldn't handle the size. (CNN)
Knickers standing in cattle lot
Video: Tallest cow ever - Guinness World Records pays tribute to Blosom
... World Record Biggest Ox: Texas Bull With World's Longest Horns Is Semen-Selling Stud
Largest 'Knickers' in Australia Eats 30Kg of Grass Each Day
Knickers was bought to take charge of other cattle and show them the ropes of life
Vache du plateau de l'Aubrac
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Australian steer stands out in his field
Couple buys world-record longhorn at Fort Worth auction for $165k | Fort Worth | Dallas News
Is this Australia's biggest steer? Myalup monster is nearly 2 metres tall
At 194 centimetres high, WA-born steer Knickers is believed to be the tallest
According To Experts, Knickers The Giant Cow Is Neither .
Chianina Cattle
Rare cross between donkey and zebra known as 'zonkey' born in Somerset
6'4” Australian Holstein takes the internet by storm
Gladiator ...
The world record holder, C'è
Holy cow! Giant cow monsters herd as biggest in Australia
Holy cow! Giant steer 'Knickers' stands head and shoulders over herd - - att.net
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HOOF TO WITHERS: Jim Marsh stands next to his steer Herman, which Marsh claims to have measured at 6 ft. 4 inches from hoof to withers, in Amargosa Valley, ...
Scottish officials said the case does not pose a threat to humans.
Video shows calves being brutally abused, tortured at farm
Durham Ox
black white cattle, cow
Just how big is Knickers?
Holy cow! After meeting 'Aussie's biggest steer', meet tiny calf Lil' Bill - NZ Herald
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image by Anthony Bellino (@andthatsthat82) with caption : "I always thought my
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Clara Bellino
No bull: Giant 6-foot-4 steer weighs over 3,000 pounds and is too big | 97.1 The River Atlanta's Classic Hits | www.971theriver.com
World's smallest cow discovered
Large, flightless bird attacks and kills its fallen owner
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